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Experience Connectrix

A key component of Connectrix is in its college student advisors. They will serve a similar role as advisors during Rice’s Orientation Week (O-Week), or other college’s orientation periods. Advisors serve as mentors for students throughout the program and as a resources after the program.


We are seeking a diverse team of advisors from different colleges, fields of study, and backgrounds. We have had advisors from various universities such as Boston College, Harvard University, Emory University, Houston Community College, Tufts University, University of Houston, and more. We believe this diversity in advisor selection contributes to the invaluable Connectrix experience. College students who are Alumni of Connectrix are especially encouraged to apply. If you are looking for a great summer opportunity to develop your leadership skills and serve as a mentor, apply!


Please visit the application link for more details.

Advisors: Welcome
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